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Common Sense

By June 15, 2018August 2nd, 2022No Comments

Extreme or Not Extreme…That is the question.


It has come to my attention during discussions with people about food, detoxification and a vegan diet, that there are those who view this method of treating and healing the body as “extreme”. In an effort to understand each individual’s views, I like to listen to their reasoning, but inevitably I am more and more convinced that this process is not only not extreme, but that the habits of most people today are in actuality, extreme behaviors.

Let me explain. If you brought a wolf home from the woods and you decided to feed that wolf dry dog food containing wheat, corn, soy and some dead animal along with processed dog treats containing “smoked flavor”, red die #40, yellow #12 and maybe some cheese because “dogs love cheese” and maybe some ice cream from your dessert dish as a treat because he was such a good wolf, would you consider that extreme? Maybe you would because that wolf was living in the woods just days ago, feasting on deer or rabbit or mice and suddenly he is thrust into the lifestyle of a domestic dog. Yes, that could be extreme for that wolf. But if you ask me, that is an extreme diet for a domestic dog as well. Sure we have been feeding our pet dogs this type of diet since PURINA came out with the first commercial dog food, but pet dogs are no less part of the canine family than the wolf and therefore should eat what is NATURAL TO ITS SPECIES. And make no mistake about it, grains, cheese and red dye #40 is NOT natural to their species.

That analogy holds true for humans as well. When we eat what is NATURAL TO OUR SPECIES, diseases go away, states of inflammation, dysfunction, tumors and pain all go away. But, when we eat what is unnatural to our species all of those conditions and then some, get created. So, lets use some common sense here, shall we?

Ask yourself these questions….

What animal in the animal kingdom needs a dentist? Has bad breath if they do not brush their teeth? Has gums that recede?

What animal needs toilet paper? Get hemorrhoids? Becomes constipated or gets heart burn?

What animal drinks the milk of another animal? Cooks its milk before consuming it? Drinks from its mother’s breast after developing teeth?

What animal kills the nutrients in its food by cooking it before consuming it? What animal thinks about what it is going to eat? Contemplates the amount of protein, fats and carbs or calories he will eat in a day? What animal believes he needs to suppress his appetite because he is eating too much?

What animal thinks about its weight? What animal craves salty food or sweet treats after a meal?

If you are using common sense to answer these questions then the answer to all of them should be NONE! No animal does any of those things when it comes to its dietary and digestive life. Animals are smart and eat only what is natural to their species and therefore does not need a dentist, toothbrush, toilet paper, tums, a stove, a calorie counter or an appetite suppressant. For that matter, outside of trauma, they really don’t need a doctor either.

Humans are the only species to evolve in a negative direction. Humans have gone against their nature and common sense and have chosen to put things into their body that is NOT NATURAL TO THEIR SPECIES. As a result, they spend billions of dollars each year on doctors, surgery, drugs and procedures to try to obtain what animals already have. Extreme? The only thing about the process of healing [that I followed] which I believe to be extreme (shown in the pictures below from extremely ill due to Graves Disease and a thyroid storm to present time) is the extremely short time it took to cure and incurable disease….16 weeks!

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