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Grab and Go Detox Snacks

By June 28, 2018August 2nd, 2022No Comments

Well Hello again!!
I am so happy for my readers, this past couple of months I have gotten more looks than ever so thank you subscribers for sharing and thank you google for the opportunity to spread the word.

OK now to what we came here for: grab and go detox snacks and I really do mean pick up at the store and go! So if you are a patient at Partners in Healing you will notice that our answer to your snack question is always the same, eat fruit. But sometimes even I miss crunchy delicious, glorious Chips, Bars or Gummie’s, that I don’t really wanna make. That being said these alternatives do not replace a good apple on my desk most days. 😉

Guys we all want that easy stop at the store pick up snack in a package and almost every-time we read that label to find Corn syrup, sugar, modified corn starch, juice from concentrate, fruit purees, citric acid, lactic acid, natural and artificial flavors, sodium citrate, gelatin, carnauba wax, red 40, yellow 5 and blue 1… That is just NASTY! (and that is only gummie’s… that we feed our kids. YIKES!😓)

I did some research ( a yummy experience) and found these snacks you can just buy with the peace of mind that what you are eating is what is on the front label of your package. I don’t usually tip you off to stores for you to buy the ingredients for my recipes, but I though that without telling you where to get it then this post would be obsolete.

Kind Fruit bites:

With only fruit, these bite-sized snacks combine all our farmers’ market favorites. They don’t use fruit juices, purees, concentrates or preservatives – so you can enjoy a fruit snack that’s actually made of real fruit. With no added sugar and a full serving of fruit in each pouch, it’s the perfect lunchbox snack. They are sold online and in some Target Stores.

They come in these flavors:

That’s it fruit bars: Just fruit that’s it…

These healthy snack bars are made with only non-GMO fruit. That’s it. They are pressed fruit bars contain just two ingredients, and no juices, concentrates, or purees. With no preservatives or added sugar. They launched some veggie flavors but their base for those is black bean and during detox you can’t have beans so those can be left for your post-detox process. You can find them online, some Target stores & Lucky’s Market Stores.

Here are the detox friendly flavors:

Bare chips: My favorite crunchy and delicious

These snacks start with real fruit picked at its ripest and sliced just right. Then slowly oven-bake each batch to a caramelized crunch. Now you can satisfy your craving for crunch with the goodness of fruit. Yes, Just fruit. Now these come in some flavors that are not detox friendly so follow the list to a tea, so you don’t eat the wrong kind. They are sold ALL AROUND even Starbucks carry these chips fallen from heaven, but you can also get them online.

Detox friendly flavors:

So Natural Freeze-Dried slices:

I found these by pure coincidence at THE DOLLAR STORE! (Also sold at Walmart and online) What are Freeze Dried Fruits? They harvest the freshest fruits directly from the farm and use a unique freeze-drying process to remove water from the fruits leaving a delicious and healthy treat that promotes healthy snacking. And basically once you put them in your mouth they kinda melt away…😍

So far I found these flavors:

So now you really have NO EXCUSE for not snacking it is as simple as 1,2,3.

1. Go to the store and find them

2. Buy them


Remember guys Sharing is Caring!

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