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Grilled Portobello with Chimichurri Sauce

By June 25, 2018August 2nd, 2022No Comments

I have to start this post by saying WHY HAVEN’T I DONE THIS BEFORE!!! I honestly don’t know what I was thinking… (ok I feel better). It’s getting warmer here in Florida and Father’s day is almost here so it’s grilling season and I can’t even say how excited I am. I mean Grilled Pineapple with coconut Ice cream, grilled veggies and coleslaw!! Who doesn’t get excited about This?😎

Today I wanted to make a twist on Steak and Potatoes by offering you Grilled Portobello mushrooms and I paired it with my dairy free mashed potatoes . Just so you know you can speed track these beauties by boiling the potatoes in the broth then mashing them and adding the mojo it is all up to you!

For those who don’t know Portobello Mushrooms are a very common type of mushroom found in any grocery store. They are the best for any recipe mimicking the texture and feel of meat. I know everyone has a different way of cleaning and prepping mushrooms but if you are a mushroom newbie here is a great way to clean mushrooms by following this link.

Now to the best part…

There are many ways to this recipe you can use the large Portobello mushrooms or use the Cremini Mushrooms (baby bella’s). If you want it to look like steak use the large Portobello but if you are just making finger food use the Cremini and skewer them. I love the latter because it gives you more flexibility but I have to admit that a full Portobello Mushroom is so decadent it can make any “meat-eater” join us on the dark side (LOL).

Chimichurri is the best green sauce you’ve ever have. I can already hear your thoughts ☁ “how did you make it with no oil?”. Well the answer is simple… I did it because I could. But the truth is I stole it from the minimalist baker here is her recipe. I had to modify it because some of her ingredients are not a part of detox and I posted the detox friendly version bellow.

I hope you enjoy these recipes and remember sharing is caring!

Here’s a link to other recipes on my blog:

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