Meet the Team

Meet the Partners in Healing Team

Every practitioner has been hand-selected to assist Rosanne in her mission to bring healing and comfort to you, our clients. Each member of the team is highly-trained, knowledgeable, and capable of providing care in exactly the same way that she would provide it.


PIH Team

Rosanne Calabrese, AP

Acupuncture | Fertility Acupuncture | Detox & Cellular Regeneration | Herbal Medicine | Homeopathy

1 (7)

Veronique Farnault, LMT

Detox & Cellular Regeneration | Massage Therapy

2 (8)

Pam Behan, CLT

Laser Therapy

3 (7)

Cathy Treese

Detox & Cellular Regeneration

4 (6)

Waheeda Deen

Reiki | Access Bar

5 (4)

Claudia Barrington, RN


6 (4)

Brooke Barber

Shaman Coaching