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Natural Healing Remedies:

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3 POWERFUL changes you can make TODAY and begin to alter your health IMMEDIATELY!

Nature vs. chemistry

It has been sometime since I blogged about my battle with Graves’ disease and Hashimotto’s. Since that time, I have been blessed to meet so many people from all corners of the globe and help them to win their battle with these most difficult thyroid diseases. Yet helping people overcome thyroid disease has been just a tiny part of what I do on a day to day basis at my office, Partners in Healing, and from my desk at home.

Whether it is in person here in sunny South Florida or on a Skype call with someone across the world or from readers of the book C.U.R.E., I have been called upon to help people with a variety of illnesses from diabetes to heart disease, from autoimmune issues to immunodeficiency syndromes and from metabolic disorders to cancer. While the diseases may vary a great deal, the emails, calls and letters from people have one common thread…they all want a Natural Healing Remedy to reverse the disease or ailment they are dealing with! I decided to answer this request with 3 POWERFUL changes you can make TODAY and begin to alter your health IMMEDIATELY:

1. Remove toxins First, let’s define “toxins.” Toxins are any substance or more specifically chemical elements, that interfere with the body’s normal function, leading to inflammation, cellular deterioration and disease. For the purposes of understanding the disease process we will refer to these toxins as acids. Acid forming chemistry that affect the human body are found all around us. While it is impossible to completely eliminate our exposure to these toxins, we can significantly reduce our exposure to them leading to an incredibly healthy life.

REMOVE the list of chemicals below and replace with all-natural products found in the resource section at the end or in the book C.U.R.E.

Household cleaning products

Laundry detergent, fabric softeners and bleach

Shampoo, conditioner, mousse, hairspray, hair color and other hair “care” products

Lotions, creams and skin care products

Toothpaste and mouthwash


Shaving creams

Bath soap

Today there are dozens of websites that provide information regarding the chemical names and levels or toxicity in all the products listed above. There are also hundreds of products on the market that are safe and health-promoting. While many of these products can be found in your local health food store and grocery store, they are also just a “click” away via the internet. Below you will find some amazing resources!


2. Alkalize your 100 trillion cells by eating a human diet. EAT WHAT IS NATURAL TO YOUR SPECIES!

For a human, alkalizing the diet means eating fresh and mostly raw fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables provide incredible energy, hydrate your cells and explode with nutrition! Eating a diet high in fruit and vegetables stops the process of dietary pollution to the cells and the lymphatic system, provides all the fiber you need for incredible digestive health; reverses aging, builds bones, allows us to maintain optimal body weight, stabilizes blood sugar and can prevent and reverse nearly every disease process known to humans. Most importantly, fruit and vegetables are what the human species was designed (based on the shape of our teeth, design of our digestive tract and our DNA) to eat. We not only survive on fruit and vegetables but THRIVE on them!

(photo courtesy of the book C.U.R.E.)

Below you will find an alkalizing diet that I use as “Phase 1” with my patients who are detoxing or just desire a healthy and strong body. (phase II and III can be found in the book C.U.R.E. ) It is very easy to follow and there is no restriction to the amount of food consumed. It may take a week or so, but you will soon learn to listen to your body and eat only when hungry. Remember, no animal in the world weighs their food, counts calories, carbs or portions. When you EAT WHAT IS NATURAL TO YOUR SPECIES, you will easily be satiated, satisfied and your weight will be OPTIMAL without even trying!

(photo courtesy of the book C.U.R.E.)

  Now that you stopped the pollution from coming in and are alkalizing your cells, it is time to bring in the cleaners. What are the cleaners of the cells, tissue, lymph, and blood? Herbs of course!

Herbs are nature’s janitors and repairmen. Herbs clean out toxins and rejuvenate tissue, allowing the body to function normally and naturally. Herbs are some of the most potent medicines on the planet, but with one very important difference from allopathic medicine (drugs)…HERBS do not harm or kill you! They are not acidic, are very effective, are inexpensive, are safe, and work quickly to heal the body. Knowing what herbs to take is the challenge, and that is where working with an educated practitioner comes in! Here are a few basic herbal remedies that just about anyone can use.

Cilantro: Rids the body of heavy metals, protects cells from oxidative stress, decreases the symptoms of anxiety and improves sleep, balances blood sugar levels, protects against cardiovascular disease, prevents urinary tract infections, calms digestive upset, aids in the prevention of food poisoning.

Pau de arco: Anti-fungal (athletes foot, yeast infections), anti-candida, anti-bacterial (staph, vaginitis), improves wound healing, improves conditions of the skin such as eczema and psoriasis, boosts the immune system to fight colds and flu, improves liver function and inflammatory conditions of the liver, relieves arthritic pain, lowers triglycerides, aids in reducing symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, reduces the risk of heart disease and Type II diabetes. (Please check with your natural health care practitioner if you are on blood thinners).

Dandelion root and leaves: Will lower cholesterol, balances blood sugar, diuretic, strengthens kidney function, anti-inflammatory, reduces blood pressure, improves liver function, aids in constipation, strengthens bones

Rhodiola: Decreases the effects of stress on the body, improves sleep, decreases fatigue, improves symptoms of depression, enhances brain function, anti-cancer properties, balances blood sugar

False unicorn root: reduces ovarian cysts, improves menstrual issues such as cramps, clots and PMS symptoms, reduces the symptoms of menopause, helps with issues of infertility, improves sex drive, reduces water retention, can kill intestinal worms.

A clear majority of today’s diseases are rooted in lifestyle. Our world, not only the outside environment but the inside environment, both our homes and our bodies, are exposed to more chemical toxins today than someone who worked in a chemical factory 100 years ago! Add to that, the pesticides and herbicides sprayed on our food and the endless list of preserved and processed “food” we feed to ourselves and our children, and we have created an extraordinarily sick society. The good news is that it does not have to be this way. We do not have to be victims of our environment or the habits of society. Here you will find the first 3 steps of empowerment; of taking control of your health, on your terms. Embarking on the 3 simple changes listed above, is an incredible first step in the direction of prevention and healing. I look forward to hearing about your successes!

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