Our Services

At Partners in Healing, we provide our patients with holistic care personalized for their unique needs. We strive to truly create a partnership between the patient and practitioners, enabling each patient to reach their optimal state of wellness, and provide a variety of natural and holistic services including:


An aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine where thin, sterile needles are placed into the body along energy pathways called meridians. Commonly used for pain relief though its application is much broader including treatment of headache, digestive issues, allergies, male and female reproductive issues and so much more.

For me, one of the most fulfilling accomplishments of acupuncture is its extraordinarily effective ability treat infertility.

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Infertility is often a cumulative effect on the reproductive system stemming from environmental toxins, stress, improper diet, and lifestyle.


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The foundation of healing and the reversal of the process of disease that has caused me to fully recover from Graves’ Disease and Hashimoto’s, 11 years and counting! The term “detoxification” is widely misused in our vernacular. True detoxification involves a commitment to self-healing above all else. Using a specific detoxification diet and custom herbal therapy protocols, one can expect to see true transformation of the body on a cellular level. The application of detoxification is wide, including autoimmune issues, cardiovascular issues, diabetes, and cancer (with or without the use of allopathic medicine).


The use of Chinese and American herbs to aid in the detoxification process as well as treat acute and subacute issues such as increase focus and memory, calm nerves, regulate menstruation, reduce or relieve pain and inflammation, recover from the common cold or flu.


Electro Acupuncture is acupuncture with an additional pulsating electrical current applied to the acupuncture needles to provide deeper stimulation. I find it very effective in treating pain, spasm and post-stroke paralysis.


Like the iris (see iridology below) the ear is a microsystem of the human body, providing yet another holistic method of treating pain, addiction, emotional issues among other health challenges. The use of tiny needles, beads or seeds allows the patient to be treated in office AND take the treatment with them.


Significantly diluted natural remedies such as arnica, nux vomica or arsenicum album that inspire the body to return to a homeostatic (balanced) state.


“Biopuncture” therapy is the use of injectable homeopathic products into specific acupuncture points to relieve pain or to provide relief from other conditions.


The foundation of our health begins with the food we put in our bodies. A species-specific diet remains the root of healing. A 7-day food journal is kept by the patient and brought to their first appointment. Our specialist will then tailor an eating plan that is simple and easy to follow with delicious meal ideas. Perfect for those who want to learn more about healthy eating, longevity and weight loss.


At Partners in Healing, we provide a variety of massage techniques to properly address the individual patient’s needs. Our #1 request is Bamboo-Fusion Massage which utilizes warm bamboo sticks of various lengths and shapes heated in a heating pad. Bamboo-Fusion brings an extreme sensation of relaxation and well-being. The patient receives deep tissue work without that poky feeling, the heat helps to penetrate tight muscles quickly, relieves tension in ligaments and tendons, helps reduce chronic pain and it stimulates the flow of blood and qi.


Cupping therapy is an ancient treatment that has found great use in modern pain therapy. Cupping will ease muscle tension and relieves pain. It is also used to open lung congestion boosting the body’s innate ability to heal.