Why We Detox

Can the human body truly heal itself? Can the process that caused disease truly be reversed? Can we live a longer, stronger, healthier life?

The answer to these questions is a resounding “Yes”.

The ability to heal the human body is not a recent discovery, but a culmination of what holistic healers have used and nature has provided for thousands of years. The practice of natural and holistic therapies, deep detoxification and cellular rejuvenation supports the human body in its innate ability to reverse the process of disease starting with these three steps.

STEP 1 – Remove toxins!

Get rid of all toxins in your environment, both internal and external. That means removing all processed, canned, packaged and preserved foods, as well as hydrogenated oils, stimulants such as salt and caffeine, all animal protein and all dairy from the diet; alcohol and eventually most or all drugs (with the caveat that drugs may take some time to remove during the detox process and their decrease or removal MUST be overseen by a medical doctor).

Remove chemicals from the house, e.g. cleaning products and air-fresheners, and replace them with natural cleaning products. Discard all personal care items that contain toxic chemicals such as shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, mouthwash, makeup, shaving products, and hair colorants, and replace them with products made with natural ingredients.

There are many websites to research toxic products, their hazardous ingredients, and natural replacements.

STEP 2 – Alkalize your cells by eating a human diet!

EAT WHAT IS NATURAL TO YOUR SPECIES! For a human, alkalizing the diet means eating fresh and mostly raw fruit and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are high in energy, hydrating to the cells, and high in nutritional content (vitamins and minerals and yes–even amino acids–the building blocks of nature) and fiber. Vegetables are even greater builders and give us energy, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, hydration, and high fiber.

These foods stop the pollution going into the body from your cells to your lymphatic system to your blood. But most importantly, fruit and vegetables are what the human species was designed (as gauged from our teeth, digestive tract, and DNA) to eat. Humans not only survive but THRIVE on fruit.

STEP 3 – Clean house!

Now that you stopped the pollution from coming in and are alkalizing your cells, it is time to bring in the cleaners. What are the cleaners of the cells, tissue, lymph, and blood? HERBS!!!!!

Herbs are nature’s janitors and repairmen. Herbs clean out toxins and rejuvenate tissue, allowing the body to function normally and naturally. Herbs are some of the most potent medicines on the planet, but with one very important difference from allopathic medicine (drugs)…HERBS do not kill you! They are not acidic, are very effective, are inexpensive, are safe, and work quickly to heal the body. Knowing what herbs to take is the challenge, and that is where natural physicians such as the group of amazing practitioners at Partners in Healing come in.