With over 20 years of experience as an acupuncture physician, Rosanne and her team have the skill and knowledge to help you feel your very best.

Please read below to see success stories from various patients that Rosanne has treated over the years.

“Rosanne and Veronique are my healing angels. They both are so knowledgeable and work so well together as a team to help me through a very serious, difficult and challenging health issue. The loving care I get from them means the world to me.”

Richard B

“My experience with Rosanne and the C.U.R.E. program gave my life back to me; something I thought might never happen after that fateful day I was involved in the crash. I have since integrated all I’ve learned from my time healing myself to manage my PTSD and inflammatory conditions. I know how to stave it off completely; I know how to let it ebb and flow as life happens. And most importantly, I know how to take control and prevent disease from taking over my life again.”

-Wendy G.

Read About Her Experience

In August 2012 I had just graduated from college and almost simultaneously reached one of the most desperate points in my life. Four years prior, I was involved in a car accident in which I sustained a severely shattered pelvis. After many months recovering, I thought I had returned to my normal life only to have my first attack. My stomach could not keep any food in it, whatsoever. For the next four years, my diet would get more and more narrow until most days I was only having little bits of broth and rice. As a result I began having other issues with sleep and energy—I would sleep for days and wake up tired, my skin was breaking out for the first time in my life, my lymph nodes in my neck and underarms were swollen to the size of small eggs, and my stress was absolutely through the roof.

I pushed myself through four years of college like this, never addressing the issue until immediately after graduation when I couldn’t look away anymore. My stomach issues had gotten so bad that I had not been able to keep any bit of food in my body for two full weeks. I was malnourished and I felt myself fading. I thought, “I’m not eating, how long can this go on before I die?”

That was when I came to Rosanne. I sat down with her for a consultation, for the first time admitting everything I had been suffering with for so many years. She heard my desperation, let me cry, and then began to explain the three main components of the body (blood, cells, and lymph, anyone?). She broke down her plan into easily digestible parts, no pun intended. She let me choose how fast I would transition to an anti-inflammatory diet. We worked up from very small amounts of herbal liquids to small amounts of herbal capsules. And most of all, she was there in full support of me, as was her staff; be it a phone call, an emergency appointment, I felt I had the support I needed to take on the task of healing myself.

The day after seeing Rosanne, I took my first bite of food in weeks, a small amount of watermelon, and did not get sick (it is still my favorite food). I had been so toxic from my experience in the hospital after my car accident (think IV painkillers, antibiotics, radiation) compounded with the stress of recovery and lasting PTSD, my body had become completely and chronically inflamed.

The alkaline food Rosanne recommended actually worked with my system when nothing else did. For the next 16 weeks, I dove into the plan we created and I watched my body morph. I did not have any of the same issues I had been having, although I did experience detox symptoms, all of which were professionally and compassionately managed by the crew at Partners In Healing. I derived motivation from the changes I was seeing and my appointments with Rosanne. And I even watched lifelong issues with energy, ADD, and depression melt away. I felt better than I ever had and I was working for it! It was amazing to have control over my body and my health again. I was able to return to normal activities, search for a job, see my friends and family, instead of constantly feeling incapacitated and trapped.

My experience with Rosanne and the C.U.R.E. program gave my life back to me; something I thought might never happen after that fateful day I was involved in the crash. I have since integrated all I’ve learned from my time healing myself to manage my PTSD and inflammatory conditions. I know how to stave it off completely; I know how to let it ebb and flow as life happens. And most importantly, I know how to take control and prevent disease from taking over my life again.

Shortly after my own detoxification period, I began working with Rosanne’s patients helping them navigate the food aspect of detoxification. I shared my recipes that satisfied my cravings and I taught them techniques I learned that made this lifestyle a liveable reality. That is how much I believe in the change the C.U.R.E. program can create in you. Inflammation is so often at the root of our ailments, and giving your body real food and fuel for the amazing mechanisms it is trying to perform is step one in healing yourself and allowing yourself to get better. I have since opened up a vegan, gluten-free restaurant with these principles in mind, with a detoxification-friendly menu planned, and with the ability to cater to those who are healing themselves through food. It is another aspect of support that has stemmed from Partners in Healing and I am very proud to be able to contribute to all those who may take the same journey that I did four years ago.

Experiencing the C.U.R.E. program empowered me and gave me the tools to heal myself through natural means when medical means could not help me and doctors had no answers for me. It left me endowed with information and empowerment that I could not ignore when moving forward in my life and set me up on a path I would have never imagined: one of owning a restaurant and working with food every day, coming up with ways to make healthy food delicious and comforting. Taking a chance on a new way of life, may bring you so much more than health (although simply healing would be a beautiful and worthy reason on its own), it may bring you a purpose you had never recognized, or an understanding of yourself you did not previously possess, and for that I am forever grateful. Sincerely, Ann Nacknouck Owner of Clovermint of Café & Market.

Nutritional detox, under the guidance of Dr. Calabrese, not only saved my life but gave me a quality of life I had never known. After being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease at age 7, I spent my entire life being sick with one ailment or another such as chronic sinus infections, IBS, and sore throats. In my late 30’s, my immune system stopped working properly after my NK (a/k/a Killer Cells) stopped functioning. This allowed my body to contract and reactivate no less than 9 different viruses – simultaneously. I was subsequently diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Epstein-Barr, and several other ailments. Then my body kicked in an auto-immune response to fight the viruses and started attacking itself. I saw every kind of medical specialist and took numerous medications, including a pill form of chemotherapy. Since Western medicine was not solving the problems, I decided to try a different route and made an appointment with Dr. Calabrese. She guided me through nutritional detox and how to maintain a healthy plant-based diet. She utilized herbs and acupuncture and within two months, I started feeling better than I had since I was a kid. A year and a half later I am happy to report that I am healthier than I have ever been. I am living proof that eating a plant-based diet can save your life.

“Rosanne and her staff are the kindest people. They make you feel at home from your first visit and truly care about helping you feel better. They take a mind-body-spirit approach to healing. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a holistic wellness center.”

Cindy H

There are no words to describe how grateful I am to Rosanne and the entire staff at Partners in Healing. I first started going to Rosanne about 2 years ago for a detox consult, and from that alone it changed and bettered my health more than I could of ever imagined. The detox helped to balance my hormones and healed my digestive issues. Then I started seeing her again a few months ago for acupuncture to help me conceive a baby naturally after I had a miscarriage, and here I am 3 months after we first started my treatments and I’m pregnant again! I’m excited and happy beyond description, and if it weren’t for Rosanne, I don’t believe I’d be where I am today. Forever grateful for her and all her help and guidance, she truly was my partner through my healing process. Thank you again for everything Rosanne and Partners in Healing!!!

Rachel D

When I heard of Rosanne Calabrese’s practice I was intrigued. It didn’t matter that I was sent as a guinea pig (to check it out by my husband). All I knew was that the firefighters that went to see her looked 20 years younger, felt like never before, and had a reversal of serious health issues to being healthy again. All their aches and pains had vanished. I had to experience it for myself.

Having battled high cholesterol for 10 years and nothing I did worked including never eating beef or pork, daily high aerobics and eating lean healthy, I decided to try it before submitting to Rx drugs.

The energy I felt once at Partners in Healing was remarkable. Everything I was hearing, I knew deep down inside was what I wanted: alternative medicine. I’ve read plenty on health and nutrition but didn’t quite “get it”. So I went all in with Rosanne and Diane.

They were patient, extremely supportive, and marvelous! Every question was answered. It was my last try before beginning meds. I started with my detox at 269 total cholesterol on March 23, 2015. And just six weeks later I was at 238 and by September my total cholesterol was 218 without a single pill of what my doctor ordered! Just good old detoxification for 42 days and a plant-based diet free of anything that has eyes, feet, and crawls! I gave up chicken and fish altogether.

! lost 12 pounds and feel 21 at 45! My husband and children are eating 80% fruits for breakfast and more soups and salads as a result! Our lifestyle has changed for the better! My husband was sold and began his detox and lost 20 lbs., got his energy back and looks like he did when we first fell in love! Thank you Rosanne and your staff for giving us a new perspective on life:

Live, love, and laugh on a healthy plant-based living!

E. Rodriguez

Hi Rosanne,

I couldn’t wait to email you. I know Sarah will be emailing you that she heard today that she no longer needs Methimazole! I am beyond thrilled! Her endocrinologist told her to keep doing whatever she is doing and to repeat bloodwork in a few weeks to be sure everything is going well.

She has worked so hard since she began in May. There have certainly been ups and downs. All that effort has paid off. I know she will continue to be in touch with you to see what else she can introduce and to be sure she maintains her health. We had a long talk over the weekend that so much of what she has learned and has done over the past months is now her new normal way of living.

I still can’t believe how fortunate I was to find your site and connect with you. When you first talked with me, everything made sense, and that first conversation you had with Sarah made sense to her. Because you went through all of this yourself, she had faith that she could heal. Thank you so much for your wisdom, your guidance and your support. (Please thank Dee as well!)


I found Rosanne via an Internet blog while searching for an alternative solution to handling my recently diagnosed Graves’ disease. The thought of losing my thyroid, as my body attacked it, made as much sense to me as arresting the customers in a bank during a bank robbery.

She was extremely responsive and living proof that you can cure yourself of this “autoimmune” disease. She is kind, caring, supportive and the type of person all doctors should aim to emulate. It is because of Rosanne, I am now on a path to educate and help others.

A. Richards

Hi guys, in case you are wondering what I have been doing for the last 2 months I have followed a detox protocol. Fruits all day and vegetables (raw or cooked at night). I have also taken detox herbs.

I have Grave’s disease, like my brother and my mother. The awesome news is that looks like I am doing really well. I just found out I will be on the lowest dose of medication for a while. hopefully, I can heal entirely soon. No one believes me, but I believe in the power of fruits and vegetables. I have been doing the detox with Rosanne Calabrese. I was diagnosed with Graves 2 and a half months ago and I did not lose any time and did extensive research on the internet and fell over Rosanne’s blog.

She also healed with Dr. Morse protocol. I am also taking meds, I started with 30 mg of Methimazole per day and beta blockers. but honestly, if you ask me, I think it is this protocol that is helping me heal. Mow, just 2 months later, I will be on 5 mg Methimazole and no beta blockers. that is an amazing improvement considering 90% of people with Grave’s disease get radiated and have their thyroid destroyed.

Happy healing to everyone!


Where do I begin in telling you the difference that Rosanne has made in my health and well-being…?

When I first met Rosanne I could not stand up more than 20 minutes before my lower back would start to hurt. The pain could get so severe that I had to sit down and rest until the pain would subside. Through the treatment from Partners in Healing, both acupuncture and massage therapy the pain is completely gone. I remember waking up after my daughter’s wedding and saying to myself, “Wow!” I had absolutely no back pain whatsoever. I had none since and it’s been over 7 years now.

Now let me say this about the cleanse and cell rejuvenation. I cannot believe the results. I am a Type 2 diabetic (for at least 20 years) and having a hard time keep it under control. Rosanne has said to me, “When you’re ready to get rid of it let me know.”

Well, after developing an infection on my leg, in which the doctor did not know what it was, I called Rosanne and said, “I surrender, when can you see me?” We went over the plan and said I was to eat fruits and vegetables mostly, sweet or red potato. I reminded her that I am a diabetic and you want me to eat these fruits? Grapes, peaches, plums, watermelon etc. I haven’t eaten them in 20 years. She said yes. To be honest I thought she was crazy and my sugar levels were going to go soooo high. But I know Rosanne, and with the trust that I have in her, I followed the plan.

The results so far (about five months): I have lost 40 pounds (10 more to go). My sugar levels are in control, in the morning 100 or less, was 200 before, evening the same, all while eating sweet fruit. My diabetic medicine is being reduced with my goal to eliminate them all. My MD doctor cannot believe it.

The best part is the compassion that Rosanne has. She does understand what you are going through and is always supporting you, never making you wrong when you have slips etc.

I am so glad that we have found each other.

D. Blumstein

I’ve been working with Rosanne for over three years now and I have seen numerous results while detoxing. The most important one is that I am 35 years old and for most of my life I’ve had very painful menstrual cycles, and sometimes I would skip months at a time, for numerous years. Since I’ve been seeing Rosanne I have not skipped one menstrual cycle and my menstrual cycles are painless, much shorter and less intense.

I have removed significant toxins from my body. I used to suffer from numerous pain, ailments and discomforts like plantar fasciitis, back pain, sciatica and neck pain due to herniated and/or bulging disks. I don’t suffer from that anymore. I used to have headaches and migraines, almost on a weekly basis. Since detoxing with Rosanne, I can not remember the last time I had a migraine. Headaches in general are very very rare now, if I do get one it’s usually due to toxic smells in my environment. When I’m active in the detox, I sleep better as my sleeping cycle regulates.

I am a night owl and have shift work, so my sleep schedule is usually out of whack. However, when detoxing my sleep cycle is that of a person that works a normal 9 to 5 type job. I’m ready for bed by10 PM and I’m awake by 7 AM, and I have a lot more energy. Once I completed the detox cycles my cholesterol had dropped significantly by 20 points and my triglycerides dropped about 30 points. I’ve removed about 35 pounds from my frame. In addition to the detox, Rosanne has treated me with acupuncture, which has helped tremendously with the body pains. I’ve have also had treatments with the other practitioners in her office such as lymphatic massages and craniosacral massages. I am genetically predisposed for arthritis and bone degeneration diseases as well as heart disease.

Rosanne is helping me reverse those genes so that I can live a long pain-free life. Rosanne is also helping me remove more weight from my frame so that I can soon bear kids. The most amazing part of the whole experience is that in addition to her knowledge, Rosanne is a truly unique person. When you’re working with her, she not only gives you her knowledge, the herbs, and the practitioners, but she puts her heart into your treatment. She pours in her dedication. We live in a world where the doctors either want to cut you open and remove parts of your body or they want to give you some kind of medicine or chemicals to temporarily resolve your issue and make money.

Rosanne gives you her dedication, she gives you her knowledge, and she gives herself wholeheartedly, and what a trifecta that is!! I truly believe that with Rosanne on your side, any disease or issue you may have CAN be reversed! She truly is an angel!!! I am blessed to also call her my friend!

Z. Guerra

All is well! The tube is out but the doctor was surprised that all my fibroids are totally GONE! He told my husband I’m so clean in there that Mexico and the cleanse have really worked!

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